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Pilates and Physical Therapy


Lighthouse Pilates & Physical Therapy is a boutique studio offering one-on-one Physical Therapy sessions, as well as private or duet Pilates classes and group sessions with no more than six participants at a time. Our mission is to motivate and assist our clients to safely improve their strength, body mechanics and quality of motion in a skilled and functional manner and teach them how to achieve and maintain their gains. 




Private Pilates

A one-on-one session with a knowledgeable instructor allows you to go at your own pace and comfortably solidify the foundation to progress in Pilates. Great for beginners or if you desire personalized instruction!


Duet Pilates

Want to try Pilates but don't want to do it alone? A duet Pilates session still allows for the desired personal attention from an instructor as a private but with the added bonus of working out with a friend, family member, or partner! 


Group Pilates

With a smaller class size of no more than 6 participants, you will receive the best Pilates workout possible with closer attention from the instructor. Group Pilates sessions range from Levels 1-3. Stretch classes are also available per schedule.


Physical Therapy

With a highly skilled and well-educated physical therapist, you're certain to receive the best possible care. Evaluations for treatment determination and respective treatment sessions available upon request.

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